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Mr.Transmission Auto Services

Top Auto Services for Pensacola, Florida

At Mr.Transmission, we understand the importance and impact that car travel has on our customers' lives. The freedom and mobility isn’t just an amenity, it’s a necessity. A functioning automobile is for running errands, picking the children up and for getting to and from work. Compromising this freedom could ground a family and cause serious impediments to the healthy flow and function of your day-to-day operations.

That is why Mr.Transmission supports their valued customers with preventative maintenance and transparent customer service to keep cars dependable and road worthy as long as possible. Nowhere in Pensacola, Florida, will you find an auto repair services specialist more attuned to their customer’s needs and desires. With industry leading practices, money saving maintenance and comprehensive reporting that focuses on the customer’s understanding, Mr.Transmission seeks to raise the bar in auto repair.

Preventative auto repair will keep your cars and trucks running long after unsupported automobiles are scrapped. Mr.Transmission’s highly trained auto repair mechanics stay up-to-date on all makes and models of automobiles. Keeping tires full of air, engine fluids balanced and transmission in healthy working order will make sure that the car runs efficiently.

If you’re unsure if your car is experiencing transmission issues, there are a few ways to figure out if the problem warrants serious auto repair. Your car’s response to acceleration and shift is going to be very telling. Say your car delays gear shifting while accelerating or your shifts feel abrupt and hard. These could indicate serious problems with the transmission that could snowball in to much more serious problems unless auto repair is utilized. Also, using your ears could find transmissions problems, such as a rhythmic clunking sound that indicates a loose torque converter and louder engine output despite zero impact on speed.

Not only will the mechanics at Mr.Transmission’s auto services be the most qualified to fix any transmission or auto repair issue, they will go out of their way to make sure that you understand exactly what you are paying for. Available to answer any questions or concerns and with completely itemized contracts that show comprehensive reports of the actions taken by the mechanic, Mr.Transmission’s specialists are trained in customer service to make you feel welcome and in complete control of your experience at their auto repair shop.

For any questions or concerns, please stop by at Mr.Transmission or call today to schedule an appointment. Continue to browse their website for pictures, testimonials and promotional offers. Mr.Transmission is the best auto repair services company in the business. Call today to see why!

Brake Service for Pensacola, Florida

A car’s brakes are their most important safety feature. In an emergency or dangerous situation, reliance on the ability to stop or slow down safely could mean the crucial difference between security and the unthinkable. It is only through proper maintenance and brake service that you can correctly protect the reliability of your brake system.

Brake systems are increasingly complex and require cutting edge knowledge of individual models and builds. The industry leading experts at Mr. Transmission offer brake service that is second to none in Pensacola, Fla. Featuring preventative maintenance and guaranteed effectiveness, the techniques employed by Mr. Transmission’s specialists will preserve the integrity of your brake systems and ensure a safe, durable automobile.

Break Replacement
Pensacola, Florida

How can you tell that you even need brake service until your system inevitably fails you? The truth is that you need to feel it in your foot. When you apply the brake, the pedal should give at a controlled speed and the car should respond by slowing in a similar way. A common warning sign that the healthy behavior is compromised could be a spongy or uneven brake pedal. This is indicative of a worn system or low hydraulic lines. A hard or unforgiving brake pedal may indicate worn brake pads and lack of brake fluid. Mr.Transmission recommends, getting your brakes checked once a year, but if you’re experiencing one of these dangerous symptoms it may be time to hire brake service sooner.

They say that the most effective form of maintenance is preventative. Besides taking care to use the brakes gently and responsibly, the way to ensure their long term durability and effectiveness is through the best brake service possible. Mr. Transmission’s mechanics carry all necessary state certifications for brake service and are willing to answer any questions you may have, enabling you to understand exactly what you’re paying for and why. Get your brake repaired the right way at Mr. Transmission.

For more information, Mr.Transmission specialists are always available to look at your car and recommend a course of action. Call today to discuss your brake service needs, or stop into their Pensacola, Florida, location in person. Mr.Transmission is quite simply the best, and they look forward to showing you why.

Free Performance Check for Your Transmission Repair Services

Automatic transmission prevention checks

At Mr.Transmission we offer our customers a free performance check to help diagnose any problems with your vehicle's transmission. Our comprehensive performance check consists of a fluid check, road test, pan examination and lift inspection/diagnosis. This provides a complete diagnosis of your car's transmission performance and general operation. These simple free performance checks are great for keeping a complex transmission repair from happening.

Fluid Check
The fluid check is generally the first indicator of possible transmission wear and damage. A transmission in good condition will have a clear, red fluid. If there is an unpleasant odor or discoloration in combination with other symptoms, your transmission may require an internal inspection. During our inspection of your fluid, we will determine if any of these symptoms appear.

Road Test
The road test is made up of two parts: a stationary test and a driving test. During these two tests, your automatic transmission is checked for slipping noises, harsh/soft or erratic shifting, as well as late or early shift patterns.

Pan Examination
The pan examination can be a great indicator of potential problems because it allows a partial look inside the transmission. All pans have some metal particles; however, excessive amounts of metal indicate internal wear and damage to the transmission.

Lift Inspection
This step will help determine what type of adjustment, repair or replacement may be needed. During a lift inspection, one of our technicians will check the following:

  • Neutral Switch
  • Throttle Linkage
  • Manual Linkage
  • Modulator
  • Transmission Mounts
  • U-joints
  • Fluid Retention
  • Electronic Components

When the results of your performance check show that there is an internal problem with your transmission, we recommend further investigation with an internal inspection of your transmission. This inspection consists of the removal of your transmission and disassembly of the unit in order to view all internal parts. During this inspection, all parts will be examined for wear and damage. When the inspection is completed, one of our technicians will provide you with a report of those items that are in need of either repair or replacement with a rebuilt transmission, along with an estimate for those services.

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